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Steering Group Members Wanted

*Steering Group Members Wanted*

We are looking for parents from the local community to join our steering group.

Currently, we are just looking to gather names from people who wish to express an interest in joining us. There are no legal commitments.

The purpose of this is for Reachout to bring in parents and people to help develop Reachout, to make sure we remain updated on current situations, needs and the ever-growing changes, especially after the Coronavirus situation

As a CIC it is important for us to be connected with those we are delivering a service for. We currently meet regularly with parents whose children attend our centre or use the service, but this information is more around their child's needs. We want to pull in ideas and needs for the community, from the community.

You don't need to have specific qualifications or experience, but to have a good sound connection and involvement with the local community and feel passionate about helping others, especially young people and families. Having an understanding around what young people need, children who may have autism and mental health difficulties.

Once the lockdown has been lifted, we will start supporting the community again, even if this means we open during the summer, especially to help children transition back to school in September.

We will arrange a face-face meeting once we are given the all-clear, but in the meantime, if you know where gaps in services are, what Reachout could offer to the local community in addition to what we already offer, then please get in touch asap.

Call: 07535 134 095

Email: Admin


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