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Welcome to Carl Bradshaw

Reachout would like to welcome Carl Bradshaw to the board of directors, Carl brings with him over 30 years experience as a consultant, mentor and coach to the small business and charity / not for profit sector.

Carl Bradshaw Non-Executive Director
Carl Bradshaw joins the board as Non-Executive Director

Non-executive directors provide independent oversight and serve on committees concerned with sensitive issues of the business. Carl says:

I have developed the skills needed to succeed over a 30-year career that has seen me own and run businesses in Commercial Finance, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Consulting, as well as work for some major corporations and serve on community group committee's and on the board of Trustees of a Lancashire based Heritage and Wellbeing Charity.

Carl has a passion for people, and loves working in the not-for profit sector. Working in the 3rd sector gives him the opportunity to 'give back' to the community whilst making the most of his skills.

If you have a question for Carl email him today.

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