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What we do at Reachout.Work

Early Intervention Services
What we do at Reachout.Work Early Intervention Services

♡What we do - all FREE!♡

Reachout provides a flexible 17 hours a week per student timetable. We support young people who are missing school due to mental health difficulties. A bespoke plan is put in place and a lead professional is allocated.

☆ Education Support - maths, English, science ☆ Counselling ☆ 17 hours per week timetable - Life and social skills, arts and crafts. ☆ Duel registration - increase attendance, reduce fines to parents, schools keep funding

We work with Lancashire County Council Children and Family who will support the whole families needs and open a CAF (Common Assessment Framework - document). Regular meetings are held called a TAF (Team Around the Family). These meetings should be held every 6 weeks. We also work with LCC Pupil Access Team and in partnership for a 2nd year with Child Action North West (CANW).

We can provide support at a family home, then our centre. Once a student feels ready, we work with schools and colleges to transition into an education setting.

Reachout works with a multi agency team to provide the best possible support for families. We make sure you have all the services you need in place and if not, we talk you through your options and how to get the support.

Our advice is to keep your child on roll at school! Even if you have increased pressure from schools around your child's attendance and fines. Please don't feel forced into Home Education.. We are here to help!

All staff are DBS checked, fully qualified in their professional field and have all the right personal qualities to care about your child as an individual.

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